YA Fantasy Book series Masqueraded releases

3 min readSep 24, 2020

The first book in YA writer Alexis Dees’ new trilogy book is set to deliver this September. The book entitled Masqueraded: Act One is a paranormal psychological thriller that fixates on the spunky and autonomous 18-year-old young lady, Estella Nannette Sinclair.

Anything you take a gander at from an external perspective generally appears to be typical in any event or perfect. But more often than not, looking from an external perspective in you’re essentially observing a masquerade. A manicured exterior that secured whatever was underneath. Consequently, it’s not until the masquerade is taken out that reality, the fact of the matter, is uncovered.

In Dees’ fictional universe, Estella is moving toward her eighteenth birthday celebration and anticipating opportunity from her injurious new parents by getting away to work at a circus. Notwithstanding, her fantasies (or bad dreams, instead) are spooky by an evil phantom referred to just as “The Ringmaster.” And she will before long discover that her apparently typical life was a facade — actually a lot darker and substantially more magical.

Masqueraded: Act One is a suspenseful, fictional, dark psychological thriller that will have reader spellbound from spread to cover. Highlighting a spunky, solid female lead and dim enchantment, including teleportation, scrying, and supernatural power, and the book makes sure to ship you to an alternate, shocking measurement. However, it likewise focuses light on real issues, such as accommodating with your dull past, finding your place on the planet, and exploring nuanced — sometimes painful — relationships.

Even though the ending of the novel will leave you needing more, Dees guarantees the reader that they won’t need to stand by long for other new dream books from the writer. Acts Two and Three of three are underway as of now alongside one independent novel (that has a surrendered amusement park as its setting) and two different series. At the same time, she is finding new profundities of degenerate dull enchantment sneaking underneath the surface in the carnival where she got away from the homegrown maltreatment of her childhood.

Hoping to flip desires completely around, Dees changes the universe of bazaars and jamborees — generally things related with great clean fun- — into a vile and convincing setting for her novel. The book makes certain to move you to an alternate, ghostly dimension.

Dees has been settled in the artistic world since before she was born — her mom trained English while she was pregnant with the future creator. Also, Dees’ deep-rooted interest with amusement has roused this task. Hoping to flip desires completely around, Dees changes the world of circuses and jubilees — for the most part, things related to great clean fun — into an evil and convincing setting for her novel.

Readers eager to get their hands on this genuinely charged YA fictional thriller can submit their order today through Amazon. At the point when you order with Amazon’s “1 Click” measure, Masqueraded: Act One will automatically be conveyed to your e-reading gadget.

Don’t miss the first novel of this energizing, dark YA paranormal arrangement. Request your duplicate today! Furthermore, if you’re keen on staying aware of Alexis Dees, you can follow her Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook or her website at carouselofchaos.com.




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