What is the History of Hanbok?

Joseon-era Hanboks

Most of what we think of as hanboks actually came from the early Joseon era. It was a time when the Three Kingdoms of Korea became one. This part is important, really. Because that time of great peace was great for money-making. And with money-making, there will always be more trade. And when people trade more often, you get to see a lot of things made from places that you may never dream to explore.

Big changes

The design of the hanbok eventually turned into the thing that we see in Korean historical dramas. What once looked like a jeogori jacket became a jeogori long-sleeved shirt. The shirt went so high up in the body that some women abandoned the shirt altogether. They didn’t go topless, though. They used a specialized jacket instead. It was called the magoja and it was high enough that it only covered the chest. Everything from below was covered by their incredibly long chimas.

The fall of hanboks

Eventually, the use of hanboks fell out of favor among the Koreans. Or at least, it did among the South Koreans.

Modern times

Nowadays, hanboks are used as formal Asian attires and props in South Korean historical dramas. You might as well even see some couples use it as a wedding attire. It can be difficult to find appropriate hanbok, but there are online hanbok stores like the Korean In Me, that are designed to be for English speakers and worldwide shoppers. And as for the latter, perhaps they aren’t as accurate as historians would like them to be. But they are still hanboks in the sense that they convey the same image and preserve the history of the hanbok within the minds, memories, and economy and ensure that the hanbok will continue to thrive as time goes on.



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