What is an online port checker tool?

Most Commonly Used Ports

Port figures ranges from 1 to 65535out of that well known ports are pre-defined as convention from IANA.

Common ports are :

  • 21 FTP
  • 22 SSH
  • 23 TELNET
  • 25 SMTP
  • 53 DNS
  • 80 HTTP
  • 110 POP3
  • 115 SFTP
  • 135 RPC
  • 139 NetBIOS
  • 143 IMAP
  • 194 IRC
  • 443 SSL

Understanding Port Forwarding :-

Port forwarding or port mapping entails translating the address (or port number to a new destination), requiring the packets, and forwarding it. It is typically utilized in linking remote computers to specific programs running on the pc (in a private LAN (Local Area Network)). For example: running a public server (HTTP, port 80) onto a pc in a private LAN or allowing SSH access to a particular computer in a private LAN, etc.



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