Top Reasons to Hire a Fire Watch Guard

2 min readSep 12, 2020

If you own or manage a company, a fire alarm system is an essential component for the security of the property as well as its visitors. When an alarm system isn’t in place or is inoperable, the fire marshal may require that you retain the fire watch services of the guard, like those offered by USPA Nationwide Security. Their group of off-duty firefighters meets the highest standards of professionalism in the industry.

What are the fire watch services?

Fire watch services are onsite security functions performed by specially trained guards.

Services typically include:

Patrolling — Perform patrols at regular intervals during shifts that cover the facility 24/7 and during the year.

Identifying hazards — Look for conditions that increase fire danger so they can be addressed before a problem arises.

Maintaining logs — Keep thorough records of patrols and any information relevant to fire danger, such as any dangers encountered. Logs are often required by the government and by insurance companies.

Assessing equipment — A fire watch guard may be retained while the fire monitoring system is not fully operational, but a trained fire watch guard can check on the condition and functionality of the alarms and fire suppression equipment that is available on-site.

Contacting the fire department — When a fire does break out, the fire watch guard will contact the fire department and supply all relevant information.

Though fire watch guards aren’t in the business of actually putting out a fire, they will help minimize damage in case a fire does break out.

When is a fire watch guard needed?

Preventing a fire may mean avoiding loss of life, damage to property, and minimizing liability.

It may be necessary to call upon a fire watch protector’s services in any of the following conditions:

Construction site — There are numerous fire hazards on construction sites, especially when the buildings contain wood framing. Many regional governments require a fire watch guard on-site continuously before the construction is complete, and a certificate of occupancy is in hand. Compliance also cuts down on fines and down-time.

The business has a non-functioning alarm system — Whether a commercial property hasn’t yet had a fire alarm system installed or it is being repaired or replaced, local ordinances may require a watch guard on the premises until the system is fully functioning.

Water supply is interrupted — In the event, the property relies on a sprinkler system disruption to the water supply will stop its effectiveness. A fire watch guard could be necessary to safeguard the property and occupants until service is restored.

Presence of extreme fire hazards — Activities such as storing chemicals can drastically increase a fire’s chances. A fire watch guard is trained to minimize risk in these circumstances.




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