The Top 10 things to see and do on Koh Samui, Thailand

6 min readAug 9, 2020

If you’re looking for a location with big-city amenities, magnificent Buddhist temples, and a chilled-out island vibe, look no further than Koh Samui. A gorgeous island that’s famous for its stunning palm tree edged beaches and crystal-clear waters.

For those interested in temples and design, the Big Buddha will be sure to impress — especially at sunset. Nature lovers can visit Ang Thong Marine National Park on a day trip to enjoy a real get away from it all’ feel from the fabulous tropical islands it hosts. Check out the top 10 things to do in Koh Samui listed below, they’re the island’s most must-see attractions missing from exploring the island, seeing the iconic temples to sipping cocktails at idyllic beach bars.

1. Visit Koh Samui’s Famous Big Buddha

The best known and most famous of all the landmarks on this island is that the Big Buddha temple. Sitting just off the corner of Koh Samui on a small island may be a 12-meter tall statue of Buddha seated. The local name for the temple is Wat Phra Yai and it’s connected to the most island by a causeway. made from gold and sitting within the Mara position shows a time when Buddha rejected all temptations that were forced upon him. once you fly into Koh Samui the statue is typically the primary thing that you simply will spot thanks to its prominent location. There are a couple of food and amulet stalls at the temple which also are worth watching either once you arrive or depart.

2. Beach Bumming

While there are many fun and exciting things to try to to in Koh Samui, let’s face it — you almost certainly came here for a soothing beach vacation. Thankfully you’ve got several choices for sun and sand when visiting this popular Thai island.

Located near the airport on the northeast side of the island, Chaweng is that the main beach in Koh Samui.

While it’s the foremost developed and most crowded of the beaches here, it’s still stunningly beautiful. Plow ahead, rent a lounger and umbrella, order up a fruity cocktail, and luxuriate yourself!

The second largest beach in Koh Samui is Lamai. It’s not as busy as Chaweng, but you’ve still got many options for places to relax, eat, and drink. Lamai may be an excellent spot to travel for a swim because the sea is obvious and calm here.

While these are the foremost well-known and largest beaches, there are many others to settle on from in Koh Samui. A great day on the island would be to simply rent a bike and explore the many secret beaches that can be seen all over this island, you can comfortably see most of the beaches and drive a complete route around the island in a day, with plenty of time left over for relaxing on the beaches and having a cool down in the water.

3. Take in The Interesting Sights at Hin Ta And Hin Yai

All throughout Thailand you may see things that surprise and shock you, but nothing quite like this. The stones were discovered by natives several years back and are naturally shaped to look like female and male genitalia. The stones have been named called Ta (Grandpa) and Yai (Grandma.) The stones have a story that is now part of folklore through the years and you can see the story on a sign as you get closer to the stones, the story goes that an old couple named Ta Kreng and Yai Riem were traveling to a neighbouring state to find a man named Ta Monglai to ask his daughter marry their son, on how the ship ran into a storm and they died at sea. The couple then turned into stones as a sign of their intentions.

4. See Awesome Scenery at Namuang Waterfall

Set in Jungle environment are two beautiful waterfalls which are worth a visit, the waterfalls are referred to as Na Muang 1 and Na Muang 2, the first waterfall flows into a small pool which you could swim in, the second waterfall is about thirty minutes farther uphill and is also equally as stunning. The playground featuring the waterfall is totally free of charge and there are tons of beautiful spots along the way in addition to little food stalls and souvenir huts to make purchases from. Many tourists decide to visit the numerous beaches, which makes for a wonderful change and an idyllic place for a swim.

5. Go on a 4WD Jungle Safari Tour.

Enjoy the highlights of Koh Samui on a Jeep Safari tour.

You will see explore sights like Mummified Monk, Namuang Waterfall and Buddha’s Magic Garden. A live guide will entertain you and tell all about the magnificent sites you visit.

6. Meet the Ladyboys at Chaweng Beach

When you’re in the region near Chaweng Beach there are several distinct ladyboys shows on offer, they’re all near each other and vying for your hard-earned cash so competition is fierce, and you’ll often find they’re trying to drag you into their show. One of the more popular ones is called Starz cabaret. The shows usually consist of popular tunes being lip-synced whilst the actors wear beautiful costumers and constitute the ladyboys at different stages of their journey. Typically, it’s extremely tough to tell they are men. The displays are light-hearted so settle back and enjoy.

7. Sip cocktails in paradise at Lost Beach Bar

Sip one of the delicious cocktails from Koh Samui’s hippest new beach bar, this shabby chic beach bar is situated right in the middle of Samui’s most up-and-coming Area, Choengmon, less than 15 minutes drive from the main tourist hub Chaweng. Tucked away at the far right side of Choengmon beach this iconic new bar is becoming a popular hotspot for the locals and tourists alike, artfully created lighting gives this bar a beautiful warm glow as sunset drifts away while you lazily swing on one of the many swings the bar has to offer whilst drinking cocktails made by the islands most well-known mixologist. No visit to Samui is complete without stopping by this bar for sunset.

8. Hide Away At The Secret Buddha Garden

Back in 1976, Nim Thongsuk began setting up many beautiful statues from the land he and his family-owned, the property is hidden from the middle of this island and surrounded by lush woods. The region is quite calm and has a flow in addition to a waterfall, a trip into the backyard is a struggle as the street leading to it is quite steep, if you’ve got a four-wheel-drive you’ll be OK. In the topmost point of the garden you can enjoy panoramic views across the island and enjoy in all of its beauty and tranquillity.

9. Take a trip to Angthong Marine Park

Rent a private boat or join the tour and visit the beautiful Angthong Marine Park on a full-day Trip from Samui Island. These idyllic Islands are considered to be among the best, most untouched islands in Thailand.

Kayak along the magnificent coastline, climb to Mae Koh for the Emerald Lagoon’s opinions and snorkel at Wua Talap Island. Enjoy lunch on the ship.

10. Time for A New Temple at Wat Plai Laem

If you have spent any time at all in Asia, you would’ve seen many ancient temples, the fact that this is a new temple doesn’t in anyway detract from its charm. The characteristic of this temple is an 18-arm statue of Guanyin, Guanyin is the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. This living and functioning temple has a lot of visitors each day who pay homage to both Buddha and Guanyin. The temple is surrounded with a pond, and if you donate the temple’s coffers, you’ll receive a bag of fish food to feed those that reside in the lake, it’s actually great fun for all the family and meant to bring you good luck too.




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