The Burns Brothers Aspire To Inspire That Dreams Can Be Achieved No Matter What

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NEW YORK, NY, JUNE 9, 2020 -Rags to riches stories are aplenty but not many stories exist that tell us about people having left high-profile, well paid, corporate jobs to start their own company with the prime motto being TO EMPOWER AND EDUCATE. Yes, it is the company called The Burns Brothers started by John Burns and Mike Burns.

Since Rev. Martin Luther King inspired America to dream a dream, John and Mike have done exactly that and are now leading others to do the same. Through their new company The Burns Brothers, John and Mike are determined to empower, educate and employ organizations and individuals to do better and be better. The brothers are also committed to focus on those most marginalized to ensure they are supported, uplifted and finally recognized.

John Burns himself is an attorney, a radio and television personality, having contributed and appeared in several radio and media outlets including Karen Hunter Sirius XM radio show, MSNBC, TV One and Black Entertainment Television.

The Burns Brothers say one should first start with articulating their dreams. Then step back into their dream and start to map it all out. Step by step. But also allow themselves some grace. Everything doesn’t have to be figured out in one day. What one needs is solid commitment to the path of figuring it out.

Enjoy the journey, the brothers say. The path to success goes through several lessons and feedback. As mentioned before, great lessons come with several challenges and one needs to see and visualize the twists and turns as opportunities to pivot and dream bigger. John and Mike always believe that the real gift is in the challenge and live by the philosophy that if your dream doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. They encourage everyone not matter the limitations to go after it, to chase it, to achieve it and to inspire others through it.


The Burns Brothers is a culture-driven integrated diversity firm offering 360-degree solutions for meeting client and stakeholder needs in this new and diverse environment. They deliver across several pillars of operations and live at the intersection of marketing, diversity and inclusion, and culture — specializing in creating programs that move the needle for our clients.

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Mike And John Burns Showing The Path In Point By Point Lessons That Absolutely Anybody Can Aspire, Achieve Their Dreams And Lead From The Front.




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