Introduction of M.AR

2 min readJul 17, 2020
Artist M.AR

Who is M.A.R?

M.A.R is a rap artist from Bridgeport, Connecticut with a message for the masses, without no doubt the next to blow off the east coast region. His name has 3 p’s that stands for “patience, perseverance, and passion” and on the smoker's side “puff puff pass”.M.A.R possess an outstanding Strategy mixed inside his personal style delivery and brings a brand new twist from exactly what it really looks like a rap performer. He was recently featured in major news publications such as The Source, Elevator, Respect Mag, Triple Hq, and many other reputable sources.

M.A.R has Realized quite a lot from when he started, but his biggest accomplishment so far would be he awarded the crown after winning the 50 Mics champion contest and awarded a prize from Digiwaxx. This was followed closely with an African town excursion using Chris Webby, at which he played to soldout audiences. M.A.R in addition has opened for actions such as for instance time Grammy-nominated artist two Chainzs at the Harbor Yard Arena along with Lupe Fiasco at the Mohegan Sun Arena.M.A.R aka #Lightuppp drops a brand new release Titled “Latenight” including Texas Rap Artist Camp ZerOO. This Song Is Created by Exquisite girls the 2 Artist Offer There Take about What Happens On A ‘Latenight” After Hours That is really a Great “Summer Banger” This is Packed & Built With high-energy Using A Melodic Feel You Could Vibe To created by The Next Level Productions. Make certain that you listen to his travel and learn his narrative.

A family man, he believes in the importance of spending family time in order to successfully build a strong family base where each member is enriched, loved, and appreciated.

This artist describes his sound as M.A.R sound and does not back down from what he believes in even if it is not what’s hot or popular but he draws audience attention. You can find his Brand New Upgrades onto his Instagram Additionally Checkout his songs today which you may discover on all music platforms today including Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Google Music, Tidal, and much more.

In life, you have to own who you are and push to make things happen.M.A.R does just that and continues to tirelessly hone his skills for a craft he so loves.

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