How to find Shoe Suppliers Online?

3 min readAug 20, 2020

Shoes of all brands, including domestic brands, are available on the commercial areas’ pavements, some fake and some real. But there is no way like China. Buying and selling are still going on all the time.

Vendors do not have leisure time from the afternoon to ten at night. Everyone from the lower to middle class comes here for cheap and durable shoes. However, many people are cheated by buying cheaply.

But the shoes that do not match in the showrooms for four or five thousand rupees are available here for only one thousand rupees. What is the reason for this? When asked, one seller said, ‘Foreign buyers often reject shoes made for export due to thinness. The rejected goods are sold cheaply by the factory owners. Later the products turned a few hands and moved to the pavement. Due to which it is available here at low prices.

However, many traders openly admit that they cheat by putting logos or stickers of famous brands on the shoes made locally. There are shoes of different designs in different piles, including sneakers and sandals from China, Vietnam, and other countries. Sneakers, slippers, formal suede are some of them.

The following are the things that a shoe supplier should take care of.

Boots: There are two types of insole materials: single fabric or fur, suitable for different fashion shoe styles including temperature exchange for autumn and winter can be chosen: British style boots, martin boots, block, knee-high boots, ankle boots, etc. Although the shoes are warm, they do not swell. These are suitable for free movement in cold weather.

Wedge sandals: This is a casual, fashionable, generous and straightforward slide. The simple color design is one of the highlights of this shoe. The upper part of the shoe is made of soft fabric, which is comfortable and breathable. The lining of the shoe is made of breathable mesh fabric, which can double the circulation of air in the boot, dissipate heat and increase the comfort of the shoe. Outsole’s fashionable thick outsole design can easily make you taller, thinner, and thinner. Designed by Hook and Lu, it is convenient to keep on your feet.

Slippers: These are not conventional, very low-profile flip-flops or indoor drag, our products are stylish, casual slippers that are suitable for indoor and outdoor wear, can adapt to outdoor activities. Young and fashionable women need to have a casual sandal that presents their style and enjoy leisure life in leisure time, especially in the summer holidays.

Sneakers: Sneakers can be used not only as running shoes but also as versatile everyday shoes, suitable for all kinds of clothing.

Dress or formal shoes: Dress shoes include high heels, middle heel shoes, and wedge shoes, some heel shoes, called stilettos, pumps, platforms, most of which are handmade fashion shoes.

Ballerina shoes: Most are low-cut shoes, flat shoes. The upper part of Lady Ballerina shoes is usually made of soft fabric or soft PE. The sole is generally made of flat and smooth rubber sole. It is easy to walk, and the simple style shallow shoes are very comfortable to wear in spring, summer, and autumn, wearing passenger shoes as office ladies.

A shoe supplier takes note of the above before doing their job.




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