6 Reasons Why Your Car Air Conditioner is Not Blowing Cold Air

4 min readAug 5, 2020

Your road trip becomes more comfortable in the summer weekend if you travel in a Cool Car. But it’s a hassle for you when you realize that your car air conditioning doesn’t work properly or your car AC is not cooling enough. What will you do then?

Nothing could be a spoiler than this, for destroying the weekend trip that you have been looking for quite a long time! Don’t worry if your air conditioning in your car doesn’t seem to work properly. If you stay in the UAE, you will find professional Car AC repair service in Dubai.

That’s one reason you will need to know the factors that may be the probable culprit for affecting your car AC. Let us have a deep insight through a number of these, here are 6 reasons your car AC is not cooling enough:

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As soon as we tend to keep the auto AC On for quite a very long time, small germs can obstruct the AC vents. These germs can block the AC port and affect the cooling process. When this occurs, however much you try, the vents do not work properly. It is one of the reasons for which your car AC isn’t cooling the cabin correctly.

To prevent one such threat, it is much better to take the vehicle for servicing at least once 5–6 months. You get the best cost-effective car Ac repair Dubai.

It’s not just a sterile remedy but also a wise way to keep your automobile Air Conditioner durability, thereby adding longer life to your automobile air cooler.


Small amounts escape throughout the seals of this machine since they harden over time. But if the refrigerant level is too low, then just warm air is released from the fan. A complete ac system cools the air apparently immediately after switching on. The refrigerant can simply be redeemed from the workshop.


A broken condenser is another real cause for which your car AC might not operate properly. It’s that specific unit in your car that retains the refrigerant cold and then flows through the mill by converting the hot air into cold air.

That air blows through the AC vents that you breathe inside the car. It is located in front of the grille. If there’s any trouble inside, you can find the grille and diagnose it readily. When there is a blockage and dust or debris is found inside, the issue may overheat the car. The heated air that always blows through the port inside your car may damage the condenser if it is not taken seriously.

Such problems take sufficient load on the car’s AC engine finally, it might impact the air cooler of your car.

The smart choice is to take the car to a professional car repairing center that is licensed to fix similar car models.


However, the compressor may also be faulty. It is made up of moving parts that convert the gaseous refrigerant to a liquid — just so the car can be cooled. However, the parts stay movable only when the air conditioner is switched on frequently. Once fixed, the compressor generally can’t be fixed and must be replaced. Hint: switch on the machine now and then, even in Winter — the best measure against fogged discs!

5. Damaged Compressor Belt

The compressor needs a lot of energy and power to work fully working. If the compressor becomes weak or worn out by constant usage, then there’s a noticeable lack of strength in compressor, which leads to AC malfunctioning. Week Compressor straps prevent your vehicle from starting this up. Those compressor belts usually drive the energy and power functioning in your car. When it malfunctions, the Air Conditioner doesn’t work as it is expected.

It’s highly advisable to get it repaired from a licensed vehicle repair workshop and find the compressor belts changed whenever possible.

6. Clogged Cabin Air Filter

It can be among the general issues if AC isn’t cooling enough. You can diagnose it by yourself. Open a dashboard holder and remove the Cabin filter if it’s dirty then this is why it is reducing the Air inflow into the cottage properly. In that case, now is the time to have it changed.

You can do it by yourself. Only buy a real Cabin Filter and replace it with an older one and voila you’re all set. If you’re still facing the same issue, then you need to pay a visit to the Car AC repair Dubai certified workshop.




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