5 Stress Relief Brands for Those Looking to Unwind

1. Jupiter Organic Drops

Jupiter is a certified organic, American-made brand. Simon Saval and Tyler Turner, the company’s founders, believe that stress is a modern menace that’s impacting the health and well-being of most of us. They’re on a mission to help people feel better and stop stress from holding them back. A noble pursuit.

2. Heart Chakra Candle

The Heart Chakra candle is handmade from soy wax and comes from sunny California. Trish Baden and Nina Endrst, the company’s founders, believe that the sense of smell has the ability to transport and calm.

Loops Face Mask

3. Loops Night Shift Face Mask

Not every face is a fit for face masks. Mine is too small and the masks never line up. But that’s why the Loops mask is a great add-on to your routine. No matter if it fits or not, you will feel relaxed and no longer have the ability to nervously glance down to your phone every few minutes.

Deep sleep pillow spray

4. Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Aromatherapy has been around for ages. If it works for scientific reasons or simply uses placebo to help us relax remains to be seen, but this spray certainly does the trick.

Herbivore calm

5. Herbivore Calm Bath Salts

A warm bath is a great way to soak away your stress and this bath salt, made from Himalayan sea salt, ylang ylang, and vanilla oils, is a great add on. Your tub is a great place to leave behind all the to-dos and thoughts of the day and focus on some well-deserved me-time.



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